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The World’s Best Boot Camp- Memphis takes the very best parts of camaraderie and mental empowerment and applies them to a P.T. (that’s Physical Training for you civilians) program that is proven to exceed expectations.

Our culture teaches not only the physical aspects of training, but it empowers you to be your best.  We work on the whole person and strive to set you up for success for the rest of your life.



Crossfit in Memphis

CrossFit Bartlett's specially designed Fitness Bootcamp is guaranteed to get you in the shape you've always wanted with a variety of strength and cardio exercises that will ignite your metabolism and pump your muscles.


Bootcamp Testimonials

Kelly Patterson

Before Boot Camp I knew that I needed to make a change in my life. I was very nervous walking in the on enlistment day. I was taking a step out of my comfort zone. I love that we work together as a group,  I love the positive energy that everyone has and it keeps me motivated. Setting small goals and achieving them , and getting results in six weeks is a great feeling.

Information that we get about nutrition and supplements that are body needs is an added bonus to take home and add to our daily living.  I am so excited to continue my journey after graduation day , to reach my goal of being fit and healthy! 

Thank you WBBC for showing me that I can do it #strongertogether

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Lauren Evans

Joining World's Best Boot Camp at Crossfit Bartlett is one of the greatest things I've ever done for myself. Since starting my first Boot Camp (and now wrapping up my final weeks of my second Boot Camp!), I've transformed physically and mentally. Thanks to the amazing work of Justin, Krystal and Sarah who kept me motivated, I've made life changes that I'm committed to long term. I have tried everything from personal trainers, weight loss programs, gyms, workout videos -pretty much anything you can imagine, I've tried unsuccessfully. I quit those past attempts feeling defeated and ashamed. 

The program and community at WBBC- Memphis is one that is fun, supportive, encouraging and has set me up for long term success in so many ways! Before, during and after every workout, there is always a high-five, hug or words of encouragement from the coaches and my fellow Boot Campers. That sounds small, but those small things make a world of difference when quitting seems like an option. Boot Camp has taught me that I'M NOT A QUITTER, stronger than pain, sweating, bad food or self doubt. I could name an endless list of the changes that I and my loved ones have noticed since joining Boot Camp. I run faster and further, I make healthy choices, my clothes fit differently, I have more energy, I've made new lifelong friends who support my journey just as much as I celebrate theirs, I have a newfound confidence that I have never experienced; each day, I push myself further because the program has taught me that the possibilities to what I can accomplish mentally and physically are limitless. Most importantly, I say "I love myself!" and believe it!

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