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CrossFit Bartlett exists to empower people to be their best.

We specialize in building confidence, education and helping you create a healthy lifestyle.


Three Things That Set Us ApartCrossFit Bartlett

High Touch Customer Service

We provide expert guidance and coaching in every class.

We also track your progress, and provide accountability to the program by ensuring you are continually progressing.

We understand the struggle because we’ve lived it.

Dedication to Excellence

Our coaches go through extensive training before they are ever allowed to coach a class.  This isn’t some fly by night weekend certification, each coach spends around 6 months in training before being allowed to coach on their own.

Our proprietary research based approach to fitness has been tested and proven for over 16 years and produces guaranteed results. We focus very hard on providing amazing facilities to accommodate our ever expanding community.

A Culture of Celebration and Inclusion

With our purpose and core values, we strive to create an amazing family like atmosphere where we celebrate in your personal victories together to create an environment where all you can do is succeed.  Each person is cheered and encouraged to do their best. Trust us you’ve never experience anything like it.

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CrossFit is designed for elite athletes and average Joes alike. Let's chat about your goals, fill out the form and we'll schedule a free consultation. When you do, we'll send you all the information you need to get started on your journey to ultimate health and fitness! 

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