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  • 12-10-18

    Max Testing:
    Front Squat Workout:
    Power clean x 5 Front squat x 10 400m run 4 rounds for time ....

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  • 12-8-18

    Deadlift while resting complete sets of auxiliary work Workout:
    Abbate 1 mile run Clean and Jerk x 21 800m run Clean and Jerk x 21 1 mile run ....

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  • 12-7-18

    Snatch Workout:
    Tabata KB swing 1 min rest Squats 1 min rest Push ups ....

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  • 12-6-18

    Back Squat while resting complete sets of auxiliary work Workout:
    1k row 800m run 2 rounds for time ....

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  • 12-5-18... Change....

    Someone once said, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Tony Robbins says that the pain of staying where you're at must be greater then the perceived pain of changing the behavior in order for that behavior to change. Therefore, if you're aren't uncomfortable enough with where you are currently, the change that you are wishing for will not happen. We all say we want abs, or we want a million dollars or whatever else it is we want to happen, but our behavior says otherwise. In reality, we are in love with the idea of those things happening, but we aren't in love with the amount of work or perceived amount of pain we would ....

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  • 12-4-18

    OHS Workout:
    Wall Balls x 15 KB swing x 15 5 rounds for time ....

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  • 12-3-18... The Power of Habits...

    I posted a Brendon video last Friday if you didn't get a chance to watch it, I suggest you do. I talk about habits for success all the time, and I love Brendon's view on this topic. Check this out! 12-3-18
    Clean and Jerk Workout:
    GHD situps/TTB/KTE x 30 then Thrusters x 15 Box Jumps x 10 Pull ups x 5 AMRAP 10 mins then TTB/KTE x 30 for time ....

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  • 11-30-18... Goal Setting....

    Lately Krystal has been running our staff through some goal setting. It coincides quite nicely to me personally since I've been working on this myself. This isn't just run of the mill goals, "I want to lose weight," or "I want to be a better person." These goals are about defining and actually being deliberate about wanting to achieve them. One of our focuses has been on different types of goals. I believe it's important to focus on a few different areas and set goals in each. Here is what we are working on... Work or more specifically for us our role in the business. This can also classify for you as a wealth goal. Health Relationships Skill/ hobbies If you do not set goals in ....

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  • 11-29-18... Filling A Bucket...

    Filling up a bucket might not be easy or fast, but the progress is easily measured. You can see the water going in, and you can quickly gauge your efforts yielding results. Unfortunately, most good things in life. The ones that really matter and are important to us, do not show themselves that way. You don't get to see the quick development of your children's character. You don't get to see yourself getting wiser quickly with the passage of time and experience. Those things happen drip by drip. Consistency over time. Your health and fitness is the same way. If you are progressing in a healthy manner, you don't see a dramatic change in the first few weeks of exercise and eating right. ....

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